Monday, May 16, 2011

First Blog!


I cannot believe that we will all be leaving in less than two weeks! I'm definitely getting pretty excited. Getting to this point started earlier this year. For some time I had felt God calling me to go on some missions trip. I did not know exactly where, but I knew I should go somewhere. Pretty soon, the opportunity came to go to Mississippi on a missions trip with our church, nlcf. I decided to go, and with the help and support of many, I had a great time and definitely felt the push to do more missions work. After the door closed to try and go to Honduras, the door opened to Ukraine and I walked towards it. I decided to go. Throughout the processes that came next, everything felt right. When the pastors from Almaz, our sister church in Ukraine, came to visit us at Virginia Tech, the stories and information they shared all felt right. Something inside, God, was insuring me that going on this trip was the right decision. That good feeling was encouragement for raising the needed support for the trip. I admit, raising support had its challenges, but as everyone kept telling me, if this was something God wanted for me, He would make it happen. Eventually the support came in, which was a weight off my shoulders.

Being home for a few days, I am beginning to think of what I need to pack from here and what all I need to get together. It feels crazy that all the prayer and work for this trip is about to come to fruition. I pray that I will have an open heart, ready for God to work in me and speak into me while I am over there. Since I feel this trip plays such an important part in my walk with God, I am looking for His next step.

In Christ,

David M.

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